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All you need to know about air conditioning

The how and why of heating, ventilation and air conditioning in a nutshell

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Air conditioning has a negative image: it would make us less tolerable to temperature changes; it produces background noise; it causes draught; it can pollute the air; it is difficult to handle; it needs maintenance; and it uses a lot of energy. However, it is economically feasible to construct and maintain HVAC-systems that are well-designed from an energy perspective and also realise a healthy and comfortable indoor environment.
The recommendations and information presented in this guide, are useful for architects, installers, consultants, and for persons who are responsible for the maintenance of HVAC-systems in a non-industrial environment: for example your own living environment, at school or in an office environment!

Philomena Bluyssen

Delft Academic Press
1e druk; juni 2019