Basics Acoustics


In this chapter, the basic principles in relation to sound come up for discussion: what is sound, how do people experience sound, how does sound absorption work. We also discuss how the sound situation in spaces can be evaluated and how to deal with this in the design.

Sound insulation and sound proofing

This chapter discusses sound insulation and sound proofing between rooms and between the inside and outside of rooms (facade sound proofing). We explain how sound insulation can be calculated and how this can be measured in practice and in the laboratory.

Applied sound insulation

During the design process the architect or advisor will need design tools on the basis of which estimates can be made of the sound insulation to be achieved for the structure, without having to perform ‘complicated’ calculations. This chapter describes a number of rules of thumb that can be used to make a quick estimate. A number of things must always be checked or measured later in the design process.